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Filler Application Data Sheet

ZM Technologies manufactures and sells many different Centrifugal and Positive Displacement sanitary pumps, like the "C"-Series centrifugal pump (Tri-Clover® type) and the Circumferential Piston PD Pump (Waukesha® type).

Our repair facility is equipped to remanufacture all of these pumps to new O.E.M. tolerances.

Tri-Clover® Pump Parts

We offer all parts for the Tri-Clover® C, SP, and 3EH & 4EH series pumps. ZM Technologies offers several upgrades that make our pumps "Better than O.E.M.".

Complete pumps or parts can be purchased. Most parts are in stock, or readily available.

The ZMT shop capabilities give us the ability to customize your Tri-Clover® C, SP, 3EH, or 4EH pump.

Contact factory for copies of pump curves and dimensional information.

Fittings, shaft material, seal configuration, oil bath bearings, bearing isolators can all be made to suit your requirements.
Pump Customization

Many performance upgrades are offered for Tri-Clover® Pumps:

Oil Bath Conversion - Convert pump bearing housing to oil lube, instead of grease lube. This improves bearing life, which provides better pump wear and improved reliabilty.
ZMT Seal Conversion - Convert pump seals to the flushless, a more rugged ZMT engineered seal.
Wearbility Upgrade - Convert pump to a hardened body with a hardened impeller for up to 4 times better life .
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 Files Descriptions
C-Series Pump Lit Ampco Pump literature for Tri-Clover® pumps.
C-Series Parts Manual C-Series Pump Parts Manual for Tri-Clover® pumps.
C-Series Maintenance Manual Ampco C-Series Maintenance Manual for Tri-Clover® pumps.
3EH & 4EH Pump Parts Tri-Clover® 3EH & 4EH Pump Parts list.

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